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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Have you wondered WHY your BACK PAIN is suddenly present every time you walk?

Have you wondered WHY your BACK PAIN is suddenly present every time you walk?

Researchers have spent years performing various tests to obtain answers as to why so many people suffer from low back pain. The most recent research published observed and documented specific findings in muscle activation, joint stiffness, movement coordination and movement deficits with walking in hundreds of people with and without pain. 

The research consistently identified key bio-mechanical impairments in people who suffered from low back pain with walking.  Findings included: decreased mobility of the thoracic spine; decreased muscle activation of the multifidus, internal and external oblique and transverse abdominus musculature; and increased erector spinae musculature activity. These impairments further demonstrated poor movement coordination and increased instability of the pelvis and lumbar spine due to poor muscle activation pattern. 

Our physical therapists are highly trained in assessing movement and gait. We are the experts who can identify the bio-mechanical impairments of gait, and help guide you through appropriate exercises that are tailored to your strength level, motor deficits, and lifestyle. We will monitor your pain level and adjust the exercises to ensure they are done effectively and correctly. 

Call in today to schedule an appointment to see one of our physical therapists and start your journey to a PAIN-FREE WALK!

Follow the example below and get started TODAY!

Lumbar Stabilization Exercise
-Start by laying on your back with your knees bent
-Make sure your lumbar spine is in a neutral position
-Tighten your abdominal muscles as if you were holding a cough or filling your stomach with air
-If you can, while engaging your abdominal muscles, lift your legs up in the air as shown in picture and count for 10 seconds
-Make sure to breath through the entire exercise, and only continue if you are not experiencing any pain


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