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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Cheers!

Are YOU in Balance this season?

Holiday Season Checklist
Guest List  
YOU ...?
Where are YOU on this check off list?

RA Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is offering "Holiday Bundles" to help you and all of your family and friends keep a balance between mind, body, and soul. Take advantage of our special low offers including a Hot Stone Massage, Pilates and Personal Training sessions. These will ensure you to stay stress free, pain free and active.
Have a family or friend suffering from headaches, muscle pain, weakness due to muscle imbalance, stress, lack of exercise or poor posture, these bundles would be a great gift to help them start the New Year in balance!

Holiday Bundles

Bundle 1
Mix and Match any two options below for $89.99
    1 45 Min Hot Stone Massage
    1 45 Min Pilates introductory exercise session
    1 45 Min Personal Training session

Bundle 2
A complete package for $135
   1 45 Min Hot Stone Massage  •  1 45 Min Pilates introductory session  •  1 45 Min Personal Training

Bundle 3
A Massage and Physical Therapy sessions $229.99
   1 45 Min Hot Stone Massage  •  4 Physical Therapy Sessions includes evaluation session

For more information Call our office at: (310)657-7220

Follow these simple steps to avoid muscle imbalance

  • Make sure to have a combination of strength, core, flexibility and endurance exercise in your workout.
  • Regularly mix up your workout routine to challenge the nervous system and maximize growth.
  • Remember to move throughout the day to prevent abnormal posture, and stress to muscles and joints.
  • For every push exercise make sure to do a pull exercise.
  • Constant awareness of body position and movement in space will help you listen and respond to your body.


Visit our site to get more information on posture, and if you would like a one time consultation of your posture and movement which will include an assessment of your body mechanics, strength, flexibility, core, joint mobility and endurance ability, with a therapist call or contact us via email.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

RA Physical Therapy is participating in the 2013 Arthritis Walk

RA Physical Therapy and The Arthritis Foundation would like to invite you to join us for the Arthritis Walk this Sunday June 2nd at the Santa Monica Pier.

We hope to see you there, if not your support is greatly appreciated.

Arthritis Walk 2013!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bike to Work Day at RA Physical Therapy

Biking to work today? Need a place to refuel or hydrate, stop by RA Physical Therapy for some fruits, snacks, and water. We'll be teaching some stretching techniques and raffling out a free massage treatment and a one time personal training session!

Celebrate Bike Week LA 2013!