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Friday, January 20, 2017

The benefits of Pilates for rehabilitation and injury prevention are endless. 
Erica, one of our phenomenal Pilates Instuctors, is performing Roll Downs 
on the Cadillac to assist in activating the abdominal stabilizers, improve spinal mobility 
in to and out of flexion, and bring postural awareness to the body. 

Call today and schedule an evaluation with a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, 
and check out our private Pilates packages with our certified Pilates instructors.

Private Sessions with Instructors:
$50 Intro for first session
$75 Single session
$65 x 5 sessions / 8 sessions / 10 sessions 

Semi-private (2 people) Sessions with Instructors:
$30 each - Intro for first session
$55 each - Single session
$45 x 5 sessions / 8 sessions / 10 sessions

***Mat Classes: Starting Soon!***

All series expire 90 days after purchase date



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